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September 18, 2014

Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation


WMPO Bicyle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Created in April 2007, the WMPO BikePed Committee advises the Transportation Advisory Committee on issues regarding bicycle and pedestrian programs, projects, policies and safety. The committee assumes the following roles: 1) promote the safe use of bicycling and walking for transportation, fitness and recretion in various ways such as promotional events & other media, 2) provide recommendations on policies that affect the development of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the communities, 3) provide recommendations on plans that affect the development of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the communities, 4) contribute to the development of the Long Range Transportation Plan.

The Adopted Bylaws for the Committee can be accessed here: PDF

The current members of the WMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee are:

Representing TAC Member BikePed Member
Brunswick County Williams Steve Whitney
Cape Fear Public Trans. Authority Barfield Chris O'Keefe
City of Wilmington Sheridan Karin Mills
City of Wilmington Padgett  
NC Board of Transportation Lee Matt Hogan
New Hanover County White
Pender County Williams
Town of Belville Breault Joe Boyd
Town of Carolina Beach Doetsch Tom Campbell
Town of Kure Beach Lambeth Al Sharp
Town of Leland Batleman Neil Brooks
Town of Navassa Willis Trey Burke
Town of Wrightsville Beach Miller Katie Ryan
UNCW N/A Sharon Boyd
Cape Fear Cyclists N/A

Al Schroetel

Wilmington MPO N/A Adrienne Harrington

Planning Projects

City of Wilmington Cross-City Trail                                          In 2008, the Wilmington City Council adopted the Cross-City Trail alignment. Tentative plans for the Cross-City Trail arose from the passage of the Parks and Greenspace Bond, of which $1 million was allocated for a bike-hike greenway system, and expanded through private and public partnerships and through connections to existing or funded off-road trails. The trail is anticipated to be fully constructed by the end of 2014.                                                                                 Click here to visit project page         

Comprehensive Greenway Plan                                             This plan, developed in 2012 in partnership with the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County, provides a framework for local governments and project partners to establish a comprehensive network of greenways. Rrecognized for their ability to connect people and places together, greenways contain walking and biycling trails that enhance opportunities for multi-modal transportation and recreation.       
Click here to visit the plan page                                                                                                                                    

Pelican Drive/Salisbury Street Bicycle Plan for the Town of Wrightsville Beach 2009
This study consists of conceptual design plans for on- and off-road bicycle facilities along the northern corridor, which includes Pelican Drive and Salisbury Drive.  These facilities will permit all bicyclists (skilled and unskilled) to travel safely and comfortably from the Heide-Trask Drawbridge to Johnnie Mercer's Pier. The final plan was adopted by the Wrightsville Beach Board of Alderman on September 10, 2009.
Full Plan (PDF 7.4MB)
Design Recommedations (PDF 5.8MB)

Walk Wilmington: A Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan 2009
in 2007, the City of Wilmington received a grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation to develop a comprehensive pedestrian plan. The final plan was adopted by Wilmington City Council on August 4, 2009. With this plan, the City of Wilmington and NCDOT hope to meet the demands for safer and more extensive pedestrian facilities, including greenways, sidewalks, and crosswalks. The comprehensive pedestrian plan will guide local, regional and state efforts to improve conditions for walking in the City of Wilmington and increase our reputation as one of the premier tourism and recreation destinations in the southeast.
Executive Summary (PDF 330KB)
Full Plan (
PDF 4.4MB)
Appendices (
PDF 1.4MB)

Comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Leland, NC 2008
The adopted Comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Leland, NC is now available.
Click here to view plan (PDF 18.4 MB)

Bicycle Facilities Study for the Blue Clay Corridor 2008
The final version of the plan for bicycle facilities along Blue Clay Road in northern New Hanover County has been completed by the consultant. The plan was adopted by the TAC on March 26, 2008.
Click here to view plan

East Coast Greenway
In March 2007, the City of Wilmington installed East Coast Greenway directional signage along the downtown Riverwalk and the Greenfield Lake Path, capping a yearlong designation process. The East Coast Greenway aims to be the nation's first long-distance urban trail system. It is envisioned to be a 3,000-mile city-to-city corridor for cyclists, hikers, and other non-motorized users linking Maine to Florida. It will incorporate waterfront esplanades, park paths, abandoned railroad corridors, canal towpaths, and highway corridors. Already, 21% of this route is along off-road trail. For more information contact East Coast Greenway Association at 401-789-4625 or visit http://www.greenway.org/.
Click here to view officially adopted Wilmington MPO area alignment (PDF 1.3 MB)

Town of Wrightsville Beach Bicycle Plan 2005
The Wrightsville Beach Bicycle Plan recommends a network of bike facilities that serve the entire town. The plan considers riders of all age groups and skill levels. On-road routes link with separate bike trails along the beach to connect every corner of Wrightsville Beach. Proposed funding mechanisms are included in the implementation recommendations and a schedule of cost estimates is included in the appendix. The plan takes an ambitious first step towards making Wrightsville Beach a bike friendly community.
Click here to view plan (PDF 1.4 MB)



Wilmington Metropolitan Area Bicycle Map
(PDF 2.4MB)

WMPO Bicycle Routes
(PDF 1.7MB)

Individual Route Maps

Gary Shell Cross-City Trail (www.crosscitytrail.org)


Route 1: River to the Sea Bikeway



The WMPO BikePed Committee meets once per month throughout the year. WMPO staff serve as secretary to the committee. Please see the Calendar page for the specific meeting schedule.